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5 Tips for a Stress-Free HVAC System Installation

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There’s nothing better than building your dream house in your hometown. However, it also includes overseeing crucial home installations like an HVAC system. For example, if you’re building your dream home in Georgia, getting an air conditioning installation Atlanta has these days should be one of your primary concerns.

Don’t you just wish you could bump into a company that does good business? Honest service, energy-efficient products, informative consultation—how do you find these gems?

Installation processes could vary depending on the company. Some have it easier, while some are unlucky. The latter may have met companies who are not keeping up with the trends or they were not detail-oriented enough. Worse, they were not considerate of the customer’s needs!

How do you avoid that?

On your part:

As a consumer, you also have few responsibilities prior to the installation.

1. Do your own research

Just because they can give you information, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study HVAC systems on your own. You can read informative content in the Dept. of Energy’s website, such as an Energy Savers Guide and an Incentives and Finance guide. The former contains a downloadable PDF file that includes tips for saving money and home energy or on the road. Meanwhile, the latter contains information about tax credits, savings programs, and financial assistance if you purchased energy-efficient products.

If you need an HVAC replacement Atlanta has nowadays, study how to assess a poorly designed HVAC system. Do this to ensure you can’t make the same mistake in the future.

2. Be open-minded

As a consumer, you must also watch out for trends. Not all “trendy” things are bad. Your desired system design might not match what is ideal today, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. You can always opt for a green retrofit. With a green retrofit, you can modify or enhance what you have already planned or purchased to achieve energy-efficiency.

3. Always aim for energy-efficiency

Most dealers are consumer-centric, but to ensure your preference isn’t dismissed, have a long-term goal in mind. You could aim for an energy-efficient HVAC system that will help you sustain renewable energy and save operating costs.

Having a goal will save you in case you get overwhelmed by product offers. If you happen to find a dealer that installs energy-efficient products, then you’re off to a good start.

4. Be cooperative

Remember what you have discussed during the consultation. You can’t just let them do the job in your home without you updating the installation’s progress. Ask questions—it means you care.

On the contrary, put in mind that an installation team has expertise. Have some respect enough to recognize their profession and be careful not to impose your own views aggressively.

On the dealer’s part:

How do you know your installation will be pain-free?

5. Here are some steps/qualities you should look for in an HVAC installation process:

Consultation. This is mandatory, but it all varies in the execution. A consultation with a customer must be done with a licensed, LEED-certified mechanical engineer. A company must also keep up with the trends. A quick example is an air conditioning installation Atlanta has that you can get from Moncriefair. They can offer whole-home energy audits by Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified auditors.

Consideration of your Specific Needs. Meanwhile, during the consultation, your needs must always be prioritized. For example, an air conditioning installation Atlanta has these days should consider your preferences in programming your HVAC system. These include personal information such as sleeping habits, allergies, and amount of time you’ll be spending at home—all of these impacts your HVAC system and vice versa.

Responsive Installation Teams. Remember that this is also an investment. You could get incentives from the government if you make good use of your HVAC system.

A responsive installation team is a clear sign of responsive service in the years to come. If you’ll need an air duct cleaning Atlanta GA has in the near future, then they must be quick to respond as well. A quality duct cleaning Atlanta GA has these days can be done periodically.

Regular Air Duct Cleaning For a Healthier Home Environment

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A home is cozier when the quality of air circulating within it is fresh. This is largely determined by air ducts installed at the right places. Contrary to the popular belief that there are no health benefits as far as air duct cleaning is concerned, having a professional regularly remove gunk helps improve the air quality of the home. This eventually leads to numerous health benefits especially for individuals with very sensitive sinuses.

air duct cleaning

In every home, numerous activities that involve the movement of debris and dust take place each day. Vacuum cleaning or dusting chairs aids in the movement of dust particles around the house. All these end up at the air ducts of the HVAC system. With time, the accumulation of dust can lead to poor air quality in the home. If there are people with asthma or more sensitive sinuses, the end result will be coughing and sneezing. When someone notices these signs, it is time to think about air duct cleaning.

EPA or environmental Protection Agency may declare that having dirty air ducts has no health implications to a homeowner. The agency also asserts that so far, there are no proven facts that dirty air ducts can increase the level of dust in the home. Well, the truth is, there are times when it is necessary to involve the help of professionals in air duct cleaning. It may look like a waste of money but in the real sense, it is a worthwhile investment. Listed below are instances when the expertise of a professional to handle the HVAC system is required:

  1. Clogging of dust, debris, cobwebs and other particles visible on the air ducts. Each day, there is some amount of dust produced in the home. This is visible when one touches a table or counter top. It is easy to notice that after a few minutes, some amount of dust often settles on furniture and carpet. During cleaning, most dust particles from the house eventually end up on the air ducts. With time, the build-up may hinder the free circulation of air.
  2. Molds. Molds can be a great pain for the house owner because they are very hard to eradicate. When one notices molds on the inner surfaces of the air duct, it is time to call in experts to clean the ducts to maintain air quality in the home. It is also important to read more on molds to understand how destructive they can be.
  3. Dead Insects and Rodent droppings inside the ducts. Animals can easily invade a home without the owner’s knowledge. However, as soon as plenty of animal droppings are visible, it is time to take a look at the HVAC system.
  4. The poor working condition of the cooling and heating system.When there is a build-up of dirt, the ventilation and heater have to work harder hence more costs in operation. Instead of having to spend more, it is wise to take a good look at the air ducts while seeking more details on who to call when in need of an expert cleaner.