Improve your home security with an automatic sliding gate

Majority of the crimes committed in residential areas happen near the driveway gate. So, it would seem that it is your home’s weak point, and to ensure that your gate is effectively doing its work, it is best to have it inspected by the experts. On top of that, installing a top-calibre electric sliding gate is your next best move.


sliding gate


To further enhance the security system of your home or establishment, make sure that your sliding gate is as secure as possible. Below are a few pointers to help improve your gate’s security:

– Adding a bracket to the motor of your sliding gate keeps robbery away and deter forced entry. As you can see, this bracket keeps your sliding gate from being lifted from its hinges, limiting movement for both upward and lateral movements only.

– Take note of the tooth bar or the rack fixed to the sliding gates, so the electric gate operators can move the gate to the desired location. There are times when criminals use garden picks to bend the tooth bar and enter your home or establishment without your knowledge.

– Add sheeting to the gate, so no one can access the tooth bar or the motor.

– Clear excess plants that can potentially allow criminals to hide near your gate and stage any surprise attack. You may also need to trim plants that are blocking the sensors to seamlessly function.

– Take advantage of motion-activated floodlights and sensor lights. You can install floodlights at the front or back of your home, while sensor lights can be mounted near your sliding gate. This enhances your security by detecting any movement and turning on when someone approaches your fence or gate.

It is best to talk to the experts in automatic gate installation to better set up an electric gate opener kit perfect for enhancing the security of your premises.

Because there are lots of gate installers dotting the UK today, knowing which provider you can trust is a challenge. Below are a few ideas to help you find the right gate installation and maintenance company:

Find the right sliding gate manufacturer and installer who…

  1. Provides a clear quote on the overall cost of labour and the required sliding gate kits for homes or establishments during installation.
  1. Responds to your inquiry and contacts you in a timely fashion. They should be ready to respond to your follow-up questions quickly, especially when it comes to safety and emergency access.
  2. Has unmatched technical skills, especially when it comes to repairing the automatic sliding gate. Such a task is complex, which is why the company you hire should have a skilled team of experts ready to take on the repair and maintenance when needed.

Enhancing the functions of your automatic gate is also a top priority. It is not enough that you tap the services of experts in the trade. You should also complement your automatic gates with an alarm system for added security.

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